Kid's Jersey Patriotic
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Kid's Jersey Patriotic

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JL Velo Patriotic Kids Jersey. Full featured just like the grownups, with full-length zipper and pockets for all the snacks that make riding fun for kids! Made from the same awesome Vertex fabric as Mom & Dad's jersey. Just enough stretch to make it easy to get on and off. Very important, Vertex has a high UPF rating, so it helps protect from the sun. And, it is recycled!

Kids Jersey comes in Small Medium, and Large.  Any parent or grandparent knows that kids range from chunky to slim, so sizing is very generic and can span ages. The jerseys are plenty long, so when figuring your size, think volume not height.

- Kids Small can fit larger 1 year-olds to slim 3 year olds.

- Kids Medium can fit larger 2-year olds to slim 5 year olds.

- Kids Large can fit larger 4 year olds to slim 8 year olds.