Unisex Fundamental Turtleshell Vest

$59.95 $74.95
SKU: JLMVE150-129664-XS


Our classic JL turtleshell vest in new high visibility with reflective back stripe design. 

  • Tall Collar with Neck Zipper--Keeping the wind out for total snug-it-up warmth.
  • Baseline-length Rise in Front--(2 inches longer than Purist).
  • Lays flat and stays down, even when walking upright.
  • Long Tail--lays flat against the lower back, keeping the lumbar region warm and dry. The tail will not catch in the tracks, as it is designed to float above.
  • Arm Binding--Armholes are cut so that when at your full reach, you won't be chafed in front. Most people will be wearing a technical shirt of some kind under the Turtle anyway, but we don't want any baby-soft skin being rubbed raw.
  • Side Zipper--Easy to slip on and off while on the water.
  • Chest pocket-sized for objects that a rower might need, and located where it will not interfere with the rowing motion.