Women's Jungle Leaves Mask 3 Pack
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Women's Jungle Leaves Mask 3 Pack

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Our JL Racing Face Mask is made with our high-performance poly-blend fabrics and quality trims, with a build that emphasizes conforming fit for high filtration efficiency. Have a surgical mask or an alternate filter? Insert it between the layers to increase the filtration efficiency and even extend the life of a disposable mask.

  • Mask has adjustable elastic earloops AND removable tie backs, which allow the mask to be secured properly and provides a better fit and increased protection
  • Two poly-blend layers + melt blown filter, with an insert capability to allow for:
  • Can be worn on its own
  • Insert surgical or N95 masks and prolong the life of these disposable/short life masks
  • A variety of alternative filters can be inserted to increase the filtration efficiency
  • An adjustable nose wire will help keep the mask tight to the nose bridge and prevent particles coming through gaps
  • Reusable up to 50 Washes