Women's Sequel Turtleshell Sizing Kit: PRIMARY SIZES
  • SKU: JLWVE151-REG-174

Women's Sequel Turtleshell Sizing Kit: PRIMARY SIZES

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Order your sizing kit for men's unisuits today! 

The charge associated with this sample kit is a deposit that will be FULLY refunded upon receipt of the sizing kits, when returned within 14 days and in good condition.

We ship the sizing kit to your team representative for free. We will also enclose a free return shipping label valid for fourteen days. Your kit will include a packing list stating the quantity, style, and price of each suit.

The customer must provide a credit card to secure the sizing kit. In the event that the sizing kit is not returned on time or is returned with product missing, your card will be charged the full retail price of the missing garments.

In the event that the samples are not returned within 14 days of receipt your credit card will be charged in full. If samples are returned after card had been charged in full, the amount of the invoice will be refunded less a $25 restocking fee for each kit. 

What is good condition?

    • Garments have not been tried on immediately after training. Only try on garments pre-practice or when not at risk of staining or causing the garments to require washing.
    • Garments have been tried on over undergarments.
    • Garments must have original tags.
    • Sizing Kit is returned with the same quantity and styles of the garments sent out.