Heading back to school is always a fun time of year. It's a time for starting fresh, getting focused, and diving into the school year. This is also the time of year we are back on the water for fall training. What better time to refresh your rowing attire, and ensure you have everything you need to train hard and succeed? The better you feel, the better you perform!  

As we head back to school, we like to stock up on the basics - trou, tech shirts, hats, and we can't forget a solid outerlayer! Besides the essentials, we also suggest picking out a few fun pieces that will show of your personality and make you feel.. YOU!  

We have compiled a few ideas for back-to-school essentials that are sure to get you prepared for the upcoming year! 


Drywick Trou Black

Women's Drywick Trou Short Cut Black

Classic Short Sleeve Tech Shirt White

Coolplus Pique Hat Gray

USA White Visor

USA White Visor

Crest Sweatshirt Royal Blue


Classic Sequel Jacket Black

Classic Sequel Jacket Black


Drywick Tights JL Navy

Thermo Long Sleeve Tech Shirt Hi-Vi

Loose-Fit Performance Shirt White/Gray

Women's Polypro Erg Trou

Concept2 Long Sleeve Tech Shirt

Hi-Viz Houndstooth Unisex Jacket 





Reusable Mask Cardinal


Multi-Function Coxswain's Tool

JL Racing Leather Patch Hat 


Floatie Keychain


Brass JL Oar Keychain


Flip Straw Water Bottle Black



So Rad Sports Bra 

Men's So Rad Loose Fit Performance Tank

Saved by the Bolt Tro

Drywick Pride Tights


Men's Gamer Unisuit


Women's Breeze Built-In Tank

Women's Halie Crop Bra

Women's Recovery Mesh Capri Legging


Women's Army Slim Joggers

Men's Quintessential Red Training Unisuit

Electric Reef Tro


Men's Flaming Hot Unisuit




Be sure to check out everything that's new, and some more of our back to school favorites!

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