Former rower, Beth Gardner, has published her book, One Rowing Stroke at a Time - Surviving Stage 3 Breast Cancer for 20 Years. "The book takes the reader down my journey of battling stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 30. In short, I was diagnosed one month after my 30th birthday, one year after retiring from the elite sport of Rowing and 3 weeks before running my first marathon," she said. One of Beth's highlights during her rowing career was winning first place in the women's 1x at the Head of the Ohio in 1995. 

"Without having the firsthand experience as an elite level of rower AND having been coached by both the late Igor Grinko and late Ted Allison Nash, I may not have had the will to beat the non-discriminatory disease." -Beth Gardner 

Book Description:

A true life personal survival path of stage 3 breast cancer survivor Beth Gardner, who beat the odds, with God’s Grace, to reach not only five years of being cancer free, but two decades. 

As a wise champion of life and humanitarian, Beth exudes what it means to walk in unwavering blind faith toward perseverance. She conquered the aggressive, non-discriminatory silent killer, known as cancer, that consumes the precious lives of human beings by hundreds of thousands world wide each year. 

Now, during the ongoing pandemic, Beth offers her story with the intention of inspiring and giving hope to cancer patients, cancer survivors and caregivers of the disease. To her, no one should suffer in silence like she did.

When asked what having her book published means to her, she said, "It exudes the definition of being able to walk in blind faith and perseverance. It means that cancer patients and caregivers do NOT have to suffer in silence during their journey. This book candidly explains the multiple challenges that I face with receiving treatment, managing my health insurance, managing my living expenses, managing the side effects from treatment, shaming from family and friends, my specific path I took to not only live to remission of 5-years, but two decades later. I did not have the professional support needed to navigate those trying times. This book offers the support needed by many. 

"During this pandemic cancer patients, those who have reached the 5-year milestone and caregivers all need emotional, spiritual and educational support. This book will resonate with each group. They are welcome to reach out to me at for any questions that they may have."


You can find Beth's book on Amazon, and you can follow her journey on her Instagram.



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