The Row to Toyko2020 continues, and what better way to celebrate than to learn some history of rowing at the summer games? We are stoked to watch this year’s competition and hope you are too! Remember to check out our limited-edition Tokyo 2020 gear! 


When did rowing debut in the summer games? 

Rowing made its first appearance in the 1900 summer games for men only. Women’s rowing appeared much later in the 1976 games. Para rowing was later introduced in the 2008 Beijing games. 


What are the rowing events? 

In recent years, the games have hosted 14 different rowing events, including: 

  • Men’s single, double, and quadruple sculls, coxless pair, coxless four, and eight  
  • Lightweight Men’s double sculls and coxless four 
  • Women’s Single, double, and quad sculls, coxless pair, and eight 
  • Lightweight Women’s double sculls 


What is the distance of each rowing event? 

All rowing races will be held on a 2,000-meter course. 


How does a rower qualify?  

Results at the World Rowing Championships primarily determine Olympic qualification standing. Athletes can also qualify depending on their performance at the Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Final Continental Qualification Regattas.  


Which Rowing Team is the most decorated? 

The United States leads the world in rowing medals, bearing 89 total medals comprised of 33 gold, 32 silver, and 24 bronze. Germany, Australia, Great Britain, and Romania are among the other top medal leading countries around the world.  


February 07, 2022 — Hannah Abbott

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