Women's Liberty Unisuit

SKU: JLWUN210-139450-XS,XS


Zero in on progress with a new training unisuit. Our Women's Liberty Unisuit is built for daily wear, and made to keep up through your toughest training sessions.

The classic Women's Liberty Unisuit is designed so you can move with precision. Unisuit top is moisture wicking and the bottoms are made of Drywick, our midweight workhorse fabric, that features a microfiber polyester construction, soft stretch, wicking, anti-microbial, and UV protection. Unisuits are the preferred racing and training garment in the rowing world.

  • JL's original "V-Front" waistline visually elongates the torso allowing for a proper and flattering fit.
  • The women's suit top is made with bathing suit construction; sewn-in liner (made of recycled polyester) and soft bathing suit elastic.
  • Armholes are cut to balance discretion with a firm hold on your girly bits, yet to avoid chafing when at your full reach. 
  • The torsos are cut long to ensure total comfort.