The Faster Masters Rowing pre-order store is now open!

Faster Masters Rowing is a rowing business that sells educational webinars and training programs for masters rowers - from racers to exercise and fitness athletes. The community is global and the rowers have a huge appetite for learning more about the sport of rowing. Faster Masters Rowing helps athletes with a framework for their training and an online community to support the trials of training, injury, setbacks and to celebrate progress towards success.

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A word from Faster Masters Rowing Founder, Rebecca Caroe:

We wanted to create a "talking object" for our community. When you are out and about in the rowing world, you may not know that someone is also a Faster Masters Rowing community member and so by wearing clothing with our brand on it, you can easily spot others who might enjoy connecting with you. They will already know that you are a like-minded athlete who is on a journey of technical improvement and learning how to age well and still keep rowing.

Faster Masters Rowing are advocates for masters within the sport - we lobby federations to take their masters members more seriously, to provide the services which masters need, to bring the older athlete to the foreground in rowing. We are the backbone of the sport, we volunteer, we coach, we pay our dues and we deserve to be acknowledged and recognized as valued community members.


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